The Work


Our foundational course gives those folks that are new to anti-racism an introduction to key concepts and practices for becoming anti-racist.  For those that have been on the anti-racism journey, the course provides an opportunity to look at this work with the beginner’s mind and take  your practice deeper.

Week One – Racism: Trauma, Mindfulness and Care
Week Two – Identity, Power and Privilege
Week Three – Socialization and Systemic Racism
Week Four – Liberation, Connection and Solidarity


Weekly Classes on Zoom
Facilitated By: Oni Marchanks and Anakha Coman
Investment: $150*

*Includes sessions, follow-up resources and weekly writing prompts.

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This series is intended for folks that have been involved with anti-racism work for 12 months+ and want to develop a strong foundation for being an agent of change in creating anti-racist systems and relationships that are life-giving and where every person has what they need to thrive.

Week One – Somatics:  Embodiment, Trauma and Social Justice
Week Two – Sovereignty: Values, Voice and Analysis
Week Three – Solidarity:  Relationships, Reverence and Repair
Week Four – Sustainability: Rest, Rhythm and Route


4 Weeks on Zoom
Investment: $125*

*Includes sessions and weekly practices and writing prompts.

Please stay tuned for our next offering.

RAWWW workshops intend to:

• Provide a brave, accountable and reflective space to become aware of and disrupt our conditioning in white supremacy, racism and privilege and the behaviors, bias and beliefs that arise from it.

• Explore how white supremacy and white privilege have benefited some and harmed others.

• Dismantle, disrupt and identify social constructs and biases that feed white supremacy.

• Create a sustainable action plan to continue to do our inner and outer work.


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OCEANS workshops intend to create:

  • Transformative and Liberatory Relationships
  • Inquiry and Dialogue
  • Expressive Writing
  • Movement
  • Community Art as Activism
  • Action Together

Stay tuned for online offerings.

Sisters/Siblings in Solidarity (SSIS) exist to nurture and nourish a multiracial community of people (non-men) committed to building sustainable relationships while divesting ourselves from dominant/white supremacy culture and focusing our attention on anti-racism work. We do this with truth and love – a razor’s edge of integrity with a wide embrace of mistakes, the unraveling, messiness, and all that comes with dismantling and learning to do better. We recognize the sacredness of each other and our work and proceed with mindfulness and care. We share our lived experience transparently in a way that doesn’t center whiteness or indulge fragility. Our work together includes a monthly gathering over Zoom to deepen and strengthen solidarity and our anti-racism work. Each month there is a topic with questions for reflection. Calls include a teaching, sharing from attendees and clear action steps. This is one way we stay connected and focused and in the stream of anti-racism work.


September 15, 2020 – Zoom Call

October 20, 2020 – Zoom Call

November 17, 2020 – Zoom Call

December 15, 2020 – Zoom Call

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Anti-Racism Coaching:  One-on-one personal coaching specific to where you find yourself on your personal journey of dismantling white supremacy and racism and addressing these in yourself and in your sphere of influence. Oni guides people to dive deep and surface in service to a life long transformation. Contact Oni to schedule.

Organization and Systems Consulting:  Consulting to help organizations and the people living and working within them to become more inclusive and dismantle systems of oppression – racism, sexism and the characteristics of white supremacy culture. Consulting may include working with leaders, teams and the organization as a whole to unpack bias, learn, grow and create sustainable change. Contact Oni to schedule.


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